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We is me.

We like to think of ourselves as a large and diverse company. But, actually, the we is I, the large is small and the diverse is specialized. The I is me, Pete Jermann (the picture is a bit dated- add a little height, a bit of girth(but not too much), a bit less hair, and 50 years and you'll get the idea). I personally design, produce, pack, and invoice everything that leaves TeMPeR Productions.

I have been involved in book binding since 1976. For 23 years I bound and repaired all manner of books for St. Bonaventure University in rural, western New York. Over the years I developed many of my own techniques, styles and logical justifications for a variety of bindings, particularly double-fan adhesive binding. Of the four basic presses I manufacture, two of these, the Fan-gluing Press and the Casing Press, were designed to meet my needs as a binder. My other two presses, The Big Squeeze and the TeMPeR Finishing Press, were designed for fellow bookbinders and based on both my experience and theirs.

All TeMPeR presses are handcrafted in my basement shop. Though my designs are meant to be purely functional, the consumers of my presses have generally regarded them as more than that. Should there be any problems, I stand behind my products and will work with you to ensure their proper performance.

Why the name TeMPeR Productions?

Why the name TeMPeR graphicTeMPeR is an acronym whose capital letters represent the names of my family and whose lower case letters made it pronounceable. However, the last addition to the family has given a more significant value to the lowercase "e".





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