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Casing Press Off  Center Screw Mobility Specs

Casing Press - Special Features

Integral Press Boards

The press boards are an integral part of the upper and lower platens. This allows easier placement of the book into the press as the bookbinder is no longer handling two press boards and the book at the same time. 


The special press boards slide into the upper and lower platens much like drawers . Depending on the need, the press boards are easily reversed allowing them to be used as either flat boards or as raised edge boards.  The raised edge, formed with a strip of polycarbonate, is slightly rounded to prevent the edge from cutting through the material pressed.

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Off Center Screw

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Whereas traditional presses have a symmetry that does not differentiate the front from the back, the Casing Press has its screw placed off center giving it a distinct front and back.   This placement allows books as small as 4 inches wide to be placed in the Casing Press with no more effort than larger books. The offset screw further tends to apply pressure near a book's spine, where it is most needed, while still applying sufficient pressure toward the book's foredge.

A traditional, centered press requires the book to be placed under the screw.  With smaller books this requires placing the book and pressboards deep in the interior of the press (fig. 1).   Moving the book to the outer edge of the platen skews the platen (fig. 2) pinching the foredge of the book rather than pressing the book.   The offset screw of the casing press (fig. 3) along with the integral pressboards allows books from 9" wide to about 4" wide to be aligned with the front edge of the press.


The Casing Press is lightweight (18 lbs.), readily  transported and easily secured to most any workbench with the two 3" C-clamps provided.

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Approx. overall: 16 3/4"w x 13 5/8"h 
(without the screw) x 9"d
Platens: 12"w x 9"d with 3 1/4" daylight
Weight: 18 lbs.


Imported birch plywood, hardwood slides 
and steel screw.


Platens have removable pressboards that 
can be used either flat or with a raised edge 
for setting hinge joints.
Pressboard edges are polycarbonate.

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Casing Press Integral Press Boards Off  Center Screw Mobility