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The Fan-gluing Press - an aligning device for the productions of fan-glued bindings

The Process

Operation of the Fan-gluing Press

Fan-gluing instructions


Approx. overall: 27"L x 12"D x 13"H
Between screw centers: 19"

Textblock Capacities:
Width : 4" and up
Length: up to 12" recommended, 18 " possible.
Thickness: up to 3"

Press bed and clamp: hard maple
Handles: hardwood
Press screws: steel
Fasteners: hard maple with threaded steel insert
Aligning block: cabinet grade plywood and polycarbonate
Aligning block spacers: cabinet grade plywood

Accessories included:
2 C-clamps for securing to work bench
1 aligning block  to center book in clamp and 2 spacing blocks for clamping narrower (foredge to spine) books


About Fan-gluing


About Fan-gluing

  • The Fan-gluing Press is designed specifically for hobbyists and the small binding and repair operation such as that found with increasing frequency in larger libraries. 

  • Fan-gluing is a simple adhesive binding technique for securing individual pages to one another at the spine edge. Fan-glued books are durable and flexible. They open easily and, if properly finished, yield to the photocopy machine without damage to the book.

  • With the Fan-gluing Press, an appropriate PVA glue and a brush the handcraft binder or preservation technician can consolidate the pages of a book in a fraction of the time it would take to sew a book. 

  • In an elementary library repair operation the Fan-gluing Press can be used to bind in-house publications, theses or photocopied books where the original pages are made of single leaves and easily jogged into alignment. 

  • In a more advanced repair and rebinding operation that has the capability to trim the spine edge of a book clean, the Fan-gluing Press can be used for first-time binding of periodicals and rebinding of paperbacks and hardbacks. 

  • Basic fan-gluing instructions

  • Basic fan-gluing instructions - video



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