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Effective September, 2016 - TeMPeR Productions will return to year round production. For over 20 years I have built and sold bookbinding presses of my own design under the TeMPeR Productions label. However, as I am nearing retirement I anticipate a reduced pace. Please let me know what you are interested in and I will try to give you an anticipated delivery time. In most cases delivery will probably be at least several months. The Casing Press and Backing Boards require a spray finish which I only do in warmer weather. If I have sold out of existing stock, you may have to wait for a seasonal change for delivery of those items. As in the past, No deposit is required and I will only bill when I have an order actually ready to ship.


To Order: Simply email a request to me (order@temperproductions.com) with a ship-to address. Under normal circumstances I will reply to you within 24 hours with a complete cost quote including shipping, any sales taxes (New York State residents only) and an estimated shipping date. Shipping costs given more that 45 days from delivery are considered estimates. On such orders I will bill actually UPS shipping charges at the time I ship. Once you confirm receipt and approval of the quote I will start work on your order.

Orders from outside of the United States and Canada: As a one man business I have been trying to figure out how to handle the intricacies of international shipping without spending a large amount of time developing the expertise to do so. I have discovered a type of company that gives non US customers a US address that I can ship to. They then ship to you and bill you directly for shipping costs. If you are willing work on this basis I would be more than willing to handle your order. I can include more information with your inquiry.

Payment: Payment can be made by major credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express), bank debit cards, or by check (which must be received 5 days before shipment). When your order is ready to ship, I will send you an invoice via email that will direct you to PayPalŪ where you can pay by major credit card or bank card.  A PayPal account is not required to make payment. Once payment is made, I will ship within one business day and email the UPS tracking number to you.  I will also accept purchase orders from most educational institutions and libraries (please contact me for pre-approval).


Casing Press
Casing Press Stand
Backing Boards
Casing Press Package (all of above)
Plough (with Casing Press Package)
Plough (sold separately)
Fan-gluing Press
Finishing Press - small
Finishing Press - large


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